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Excerpts from Notes, date [untranslated]
Karakael, Uran S'Varek, Eldoran Karass (Edge City)

They...they are recolonizing Karun. It has lain barren for centuries, eons in fact. Yet now...now a small, sweet little society is growing as if nothing important happened there.

It is foolish of me to be so shocked at this. Its been over a millennia, there is no sign that the world was ever inhabited, much less that that it held a society with teeming billions. If this young people wish to find a home there, there is no reason for them not to. There is no reason for me to hold such a grudge against the place, to wish for it to remain barren for eternity. Yet...I had always expected it to do exactly that.

The irony, I suppose, is that I am one of the main deities of the people who are settling on my former homeworld. Of course, they are unaware of it - my name has been simplified to "The Masked Corruption" and my origin is suitably god-like. (The most recent version I heard involved my being one of the Million demons created when the Planet-God Chaos forced himself upon The First Mother. Pleasant.) I wonder if they would have chosen to live on Karun had they known it was once my domain? Perhaps they would simply sacrifice more children and think themselves brave for going against one of their Gods wishes.

Tch. I am growing to old and cynical for this. If they desire my home, let them have it. I hope they have more luck on it than I.


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