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[ooc: Crit Post]
Character: Hokh'Ton Karakael z Karakit ne Karun
Series/Source Material: The Inquest
Gender: Male
Age: Complicated. (Estimated at about 10,000 years)

All questions, complaints or suggestions go here! Any help you can give me to play this character correctly is greatly appreciated!

General Info: Karakael is a former Inquestor from a series of books by the same name. Important qualities of note would be his rather horrific backstory (which he prefers not to speak about), his history as a 'bad guy', and his current occupation as a chronicler for the thinkhive of Uran S'Varek. He tends to wear masks in public, as a result of the burn and graft scars on his face.

More information can be found here and here.


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