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hide your face
Former Hokh'Ton Karakael z Karakit Karun was no stranger to waking up in strange and sometime fantastical places. Waking up with a pounding headache, however, was quite unusual.

"Damn!" He swore, coughing more of the fog out of his lungs. It stung his eyes as it made its way out of the mask that had been attached to his face while he slept. Hesitantly he ran his fingers over the second face, already dreading what he knew he would find. A gold mask, one with blue tears streaming down the face.

He had found himself in the past yet again. A glance confirmed a familiar setting; his ancient home, turned translucent and ethereal. It was based more on memories than fact, a construction that the former Inquestor psyche and 'repressed' memories. A community member had once forced him to come here to 'face his worst fear' and since then he had relived the journey countless times in his nightmares. It was not a pleasant memory.

"Shall we repeat this process yet again?" He asked the world at large. He stood slowly, dusting off his hands and dodging a running child-ghost with practiced ease.


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